Medicinal Plants,Indian Medicinal Plants and Their uses,Herbal medicinal plants,Herbal plants,Herbs,Uses Of Medicinal Plant

Indian Medicinal Plants and Their uses,Herbal medicinal plants,Herbal plants,Herbs,Uses Of Medicinal Plant

Medicinal Plants and Their Uses

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About 80% of the world's population relies solely or largely on traditional remedies for their healthcare needs. Today, about 70,000 to 80,000 plant species are used for medicinal or aromatic purposes globally. India with its ecological, geographical and climatic diversities is perhaps the richest nation with a vast herbal medicinal wealth (about 15000-20000 plants have good medicinal value). In india the therapeutic use of herbs dates back to the vedic period. The Rigveda has documented about 67 medicinal plants, Yajurveda 81 species and Atharvaveda 290 species.

The ayurvedic classics also described the clinical uses of thousands of medicinal plants. With the increasing esteem of herbal medicine and ayurveda, use of medicinal plants is expected to rise globally. The popularity of herbs have increased because of side effects of synthetic drugs, development of resistance to many drugs like antibiotics, public awareness, population explosion, insufficient supply of drugs, high cost of synthetic drugs.

List Of Important Medicinal Plants And Their Uses :

NB: (Fam - Family, T - Tree, H - Herb, C - Climber, S- Shrub)

Plant Common Name / Maturity Period Botanical Name or Family Parts Used Average Price( Rs. / Kg ) Medicinal Use
Emblica officinalis Amla (T), After 4th year Emblica officinalis
Fam : Euphorbiaceac
Fruit Rs 15 - 45/kg Vitamin - C, Cough , Diabetes, cold, Laxativ, hyper acidity.
Ashok Ashok (T), 10 years onward Saraca Asoca
Fam : Caesalpinanceac
Bark Flower Dry Bark Rs 125/kg Menstrual Pain, uterine, disorder, Deiabetes.
Aswagandha Aswagandha (H), 1 year Withania Somnifera
Fam: Solanaccac
Root, Leafs Rs 140/ Kg Restorative Tonic, stress, nerves disorder, aphrodiasiac.
Aegle marmelous Bael / Bilva (T), After 4-5 year Aegle marmelous
Fam: Rutaccac
Fruit, Bark Fruit - Rs 125 / kg
Pulp - Rs 60 / Kg
Diarrrhoea, Dysentry, Constipation.
Phyllanthous amarus Bhumi Amla (H), With in 1 year Phyllanthous amarus
Fam : Euphorbiaccac
Whole Plant Rs 40 / Kg Aenimic, jaundice, Dropsy.
Bacopa, Monieri Brahmi (H) , 1 year Bacopa,Monnieri
Fam: Scrophulariaccac
Whole plant Rs 20 per kg Nervous, Memory enhancer,mental disorder.
Chiraita Chiraita (H), With in 1 year Swertia Chiraita
Fam : Gentianaccac
Whole Plant Rs 300-350 / per kg Skin Desease, Burning, censation, fever.
Gudmar Gudmar / madhunasini  (V), After 4 year Gymnema Sylvestre
Fam: Asclepiadaccac
Leaves Rs 50 -75 per kg Diabetes, hydrocil, Asthama.
Guggul Guggul (T), After 8 years Commiphora Wightii
Fam: Burseraccac
Gum rasine Rs 80 - 100 per kg Rheuma tised, arthritis, paralysis, laxative.
Tinospora CordifoliaFam Guluchi / Giloe (C), With in 1 year Tinospora Cordifolia
Stem Rs 20 - 25 per kg Gout, Pile, general debility, fever, Jaundice.
Gloriosa superba Calihari / panchanguliaGlori Lily , 5 years Gloriosa superba
Fam: Liliaccac
Seed, tuber Rs 60 Skin Desease, Labour pain, Abortion, General debility.
Kalmegh Kalmegh/ Bhui neem (H) , With in 1 year Andrographis PaniculataFam : scanthaccac Whole Plant Rs 12 - 20 Fever, weekness, release of gas.
Peeper longum Long pepper / Pippali (C) , After 2-3 years Peeper longum
Fam : Piperaccac
Fruit, Root Rs 100 - 150 per kg
Root - 150 per kg
Appetizer, Enlarged spleen, Bronchities, Cold, Antidote.
Makoi Makoi (H)Kakamachi, With in 1 year Solanum nigrum
Fam: Solanaccac
Fruit/whole plant Rs 40 per kg
Seed - 200 per kg
Dropsy, General debility, Diuretic, Anti dysenteric.
Coleus barbatus Pashan Bheda / Pathar Chur (H), 1 year Coleus barbatus
Fam : Lamiaccac
Root Rs 40-50 per kg Kidny stone, Calculus.
Santalum Album Sandal Wood (T), 30 years onward Santalum Album
Fam: Santalinaccac
Heart wood , oil Rs 350 per kg Skin disorder, Burning, sensation, Jaundice, Cough.
Sarpa Gandha Sarpa Gandha (H), After 2 year Ranwolfia Serpentina
Fam: Apocynaccac
Root Root - Rs 60 per kg
Seed - Rs 300 per kg
Hyper tension, insomnia.
Asparagus Racemosus Satavari (C), After 2-3 year Asparagus Racemosus
Fam: Liliaceae
Tuber, root Rs 20 -50 per kg Enhance lactation, general weekness, fatigue, cough.
Senna Senna (S), With in 1 year Casia augustifolia
Fam: Liliaceae
Dry Tubers Rs 500/kg seed
Rs1200/kg dry
Rheumatism, general debility tonic, aphrodisiac.
Ocimum sanclum Tulsi (perennial) , Each 3 months Ocimum sanclum
Fam: Lamiaceae
Leaves/Seed Leaves Rs 10/kg Cough, Cold, bronchitis,expectorand.
Vai Vidanka Vai Vidanka (C), 2nd year onward Embelia Ribes
Fam: Myrsinaccac
Root, Fruit, Leaves Rs 40-50 per kg Skin disease, Snake Bite, Helminthiasis.
Mentha pipertia Pippermint (H) Perennial Mentha pipertia
Fam: Lamiaceae
Leaves, Flower, Oil - Digestive, Pain killer.
Lawsennia iermis Henna/Mehdi (S) , 1/25 years Lawsennia iermis
Fam: Lytharaceae
Leaf,Flower, Seed L - 50 /kgPowder-Rs75 perkg Burning, Steam, Anti Imflamatary.
Aloe Verra Ghritkumari(H) , 2nd-5th years Aloe Vera
Fam: Liliaceae
Leaves Fresh L- Rs 5 kgJuice 90 Per Kg Laxative, Wound healing, Skin burns & care,Ulcer.
Vincea rosea Sada Bahar (H) Periwinkle/Nyantara Vincea rosea/ catharanthusRoseus
Fam : Apocyanace
Whole Plant R-Rs50 per kgL- Rs 25S- Rs 10 kg Leaukamia, Hypotensiv, Antispasmodic , Atidot.
Eclipta alba Vringraj (H) Eclipta alba
Fam: Compositae
Seed/whole Powder-Rs 60/kg Anti-inflamatory, Digestive, hairtonic.
Plumbago Zeylanica Swet chitrak
Perennial (H)
Plumbago Zeylanica
Fam: Plumbaginaceae
Root, Rootbar - Appetiser, Antibacterial, Aticacer.
Plumbago Indica Rakta Chitrak (H) Plumbago Indica
Fam : Plumbaginaceae
Root, Root bar - Indyspeipsia, colic, imflammation, cough.
Strychinos nuxvomica Kochila (T), 15 years Strychinos nuxvomica
Fam: Loganiaceae
Seed - Nervous, Paralysis, healing wound.
Terminalia Chebula Harida (T) Terminalia Chebula
Fam: Combretaceae
Seed Rs. 80 per K
Trifala, wound ulcer, leprosy, inflammation, Cough.
Terminalia Bellerica Bahada (T) TerminaliaBellerica
Seed, Bark Fruit - Rs 20/k
Powder- Rs 100/k
Cough, Insomnia, Dropsy, Vomiting, Ulcer, Trifala.
Tribulus Terrestris Gokhur (H) CrawlingPuncture Vine, 1 year Tribulus Terrestris
Fam: Lygophyllaceae
Whole Plant Plant-Rs 10/K
Fruit -Rs 15/k
Sweet cooling, Aphrodisiac, appetizer, Digestive, Urinary.
Azardirchata – indica Neem (T) Azardirchata - indica
Fam : Mahaceae
Rhizome Rs 45/k Sdedative, analgesic, epilepsy, hypertensive.
Hemibi smus Indicus Anantamool/sariva (S)Indian Sarap sarilla Hemibi smus Indicus
Fam: Asclepiadaceae
Root/ Leaf Rs 45/k root
Rs 90/kPowder
Appetiser, Carminative, aphrodisiac, Astringent.
Acorus Calamus Bach (H) Sweet Flag, 1 year Acorus Calamus
Fam : araceae
Rhizome Rs 45/K Sdedative, analgesic, tpilepsy, hypertensive.
Adhatoda vesica Vasa (S) Adhatoda vesica
Fam : Sacanthaceae
Whole Plant Leaf - Rs 25/ k Antispasmodic, respiratory, Stimulant.
Mesua Ferrea Nageswar (T) Nag Champa Mesua Ferrea
Fam : Guttiferae
Bark, Leaf, Flower Flower - Rs 120/k
Powder Rs 175/k
Asthma, Skin, Burning, Vomiting, Dysentry, Piles.
Vetiveria Ziziinoides Benachar (S) Khus/khus Vetiveria Ziziinoides
Fam : Toaceae / Graminae
Root Flower - Rs 120/k
Powder Rs 175/k
Hyperdisia, Burning, ulcer, Skin, Vomiting.
Centella asiatica Mandukparni (H)
Centella asiatica
Fam : Umdelliferae
Whole plant - Antiinflamatory, Jundice, Diuretic, Diarrhoea.
Mucuna Truriens Kaincha/CreeperBaidanka Mucuna Truriens
Fam : Fabaceae
Root, Hair, Seed, Leaf - Nervous, Disorder, Constipation, Nephroaphy, Strangury, Dropsy.
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Dalchini
Perenial (S)
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Fam : Lauraceae
Bark, Oil - Bronchitis, Asthma, Cardiac, Disorder, Fever.
Holarrhena antidysenterica Kurai (S) Holorheena antidysentrica
Bark, Seed - Scabies, Antipyretic, Amoibic dysentery.
Solanum Xanthocarpum Kantakari / AkrantiPerennial (H) Solanum Xanthocarpum
Fam : Solanaceae
Whole Plant, Fruit, Seed - Diuretic, Antiinflamatory, Appetiser, Stomachic.
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