Home remedies of kakamachi, herb uses of kakamachi, kakamachi benefits and uses

Home remedies of kakamachi,herb uses of kakamachi,kakamachi benefits and uses


Home Remedies >> Kakamachi (Makoy, Solanum nigrum)

Home Remedies of Kakamachi(Makoy, Solanum nigrum)

  • The juice of Kakamachi fruit is used to treat toothaches.

  • The fruit of Kakamachi is an excellent remedy for curing liver disorders.

  • To get relief from painful periods, consume 1/4 cup of leaf juice of Kakamachi thrice a day for some period.

  • The fruit pulp of Kakamachi is used as a tonic for treating asthma and excessive thirst.

  • The Kakamachi plant is used for treating tuberculosis.

  • The leaves of Kakamachi are used in cooking like spinach, to treat the mouth ulcers that happen during winter.

  • The boiled extract of Kakamachi leaves and berries is used to alleviate liver-related ailment and jaundice.

  • Take the juice from the roots of the Kakamachi plant and use it against asthma.

  • Make juice with leaves of Kakamachi and take gargle along with it. It cures mouth sores.

  • To heal mouth ulcers take some leaves of Kakamachi and keep them in the mouth and chew for some time.

  • If the decoction made from leaves and stems of Kakamachi is consumed, it helps in the discharge of urine.

  • To treat digestive problems, one should take the leaves of Kakamachi as a home remedy.

  • The juice of the Kakamachi leaves is good for flatulence, peptic ulcers, and dysentery.

  • An infusion of the Kakamachi plant is good for treating abdominal upsets.

  • The decoction made from fresh and dried leaves helps to reduce fever.

  • To get relief from burns apply the paste made from the Kakamachi plant.

  • The paste of the Kakamachi plant can also be applied as a poultice over rheumatic joints and for eruptive skin disorders.

  • To treat ringworms, take green berries of Kakamachi mash them, and massage externally.

  • The decoction made from berries and flowers of Kakamachi is good for treating cough and cold.

  • Kakmachi leaves paste with honey is beneficial for heart and liver rejuvenation.

  • Kakmachi with sharkara/gud is acted as a natural aphrodisiac.

  • Kakamachi also uses with the gulkanda for skin rejuvenation.

  • Kakamachi fruit paste is also beneficial for the piles, it reduces inflammations.

  • Considerations of use for Kakamachi(Makoy, Solanum nigrum)

  • Overdose or inappropriate use of kakamachi is harmful to the body.

  • Its overuse can lead to hypotension, dizziness, and headache.

  • The person who takes kakamachi should be careful during work and driving. (especially in hypotensive patients).

  • Never take with the milk or dairy products.


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