About yoga,what is yoga,yoga history,benefits of yoga,definition,types info

About yoga,what is yoga,yoga history,benefits of yoga,definition,types info


All About Yoga

About Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit term, which is known for physical, mental and spiritual practices. It is originated in ancient India inorder to attain peace. In Hinduism, yoga was adopted as one of the six Astika schools of Hindu philosophy. Just after crossing first millennium hatha yoga emerged from tantra. In modern times many people are much associated with yoga and maintaing healthy life. Gurus from India later brought Yoga to west. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Swami Vivekananda has succeeded.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a complex system that focuses on balancing between body and mind. To achieve this, yoga uses movement, breath, posture, relaxation and meditation to establish a healthy balanced approach to life. Today, yoga is an important practice for maintaining balance between work and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga calms the mind through restoring mental ability.

  • Yoga increases metabolism and strengthens the whole body.

  • Yoga helps to reduce stress and mental fatigue.

  • Yoga benefits weight loss.

  • Daily performing Yoga will even cure many health problems and also gives peacefulness.

  • Different types of Yoga

    Bikram Yoga

    Bikram yoga is also known as "Hot yoga". It was started in Los Angeles in the 1970's by Bikram Choudhury. This is best for the beginners for practicing. This type of yoga has around 26 poses. Most of the poses are focused on proper alignment. It flushes out toxins and to deeply stretch the muscles.

    Hatha Yoga

    Hatha is the type of Yoga that is mostly based on breathing, that is pranayama. It has variety of poses with slow and gentle movements. It helps to relieve from stress, provides physical exercise and improves breathing.

    Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa Yoga is oftentimes known as "Vinyasa flow" or only "flow". It is a different type of Yoga which is based on several movements and poses. No two poses will be alike.

    Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini refers to the energy of the "Root Chakra". This type of Yoga works a lot on abs and around the spine.

    Ashtanga Yoga

    Ashtanga Yoga commonly called as Power Yoga. It is based on ancient yoga teachings. Each style of this yoga is linked with every movement to a breath. These poses are definitely physically demanding. It helps to improve one's spiritual self and also useful for weight loss.

    Iyengar Yoga

    The poses of Iyengar Yoga are generally held longer than in other styles of yoga. In this type one has to slowly move into a pose, hold it for a minute or so and then rest for a few breaths before stretching into another. It helps to strengthen and bring the body into alignment. It also improves balance and speeds up recovery from an injury.

    Restorative Yoga

    Restorative Yoga is a long day work. The body and mind will be relaxed with this yoga style.

    Jivamukti Yoga

    Jivamukti Yoga is a challenging yoga by giving importance to aspects like scriptural study, Sanskrit chanting, vegetarianism, non-violence, meditation, devotion to God and the role that music and listening play in the practice of yoga.


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