Home remedies of neem,uses of neem,medicinal benefits of neem and ayurvedic uses of neem info

Home remedies of Neem,uses of neem,medicinal benefits of neem and ayurvedic uses of neem info


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Home Remedies of Neem

  • To cure eczema, boil 25 grams of Neem bark and Mango bark in 1 liter of water and apply it on the affected part. Later apply ghee on the same area.

  • For curing leprosy, take 12 grams of Neem leaves, 3 decigrams of pepper, ground them and take with water.

  • Take 15 to 60 grams of decoction of fresh Neem leaves and drink for some days to reduce chronic maleria fever.

  • Take sap of Neem tree comsume 60 grams daily. Simultaneously massage with sap on the body of the patient to cure leprosy. Continue this for about 40 days.

  • Take 3 grams of inner bark of Neem with 6 grams of jaggery every morning is effective medicine for piles.

  • To improve hair growth and repair hair disorder wash the hair with Neem leaves decoction frequently.

  • Cleaning the teeth regularly with Neem twigs prevent gum diseases and evacuates bad odour.

  • Neem twigs helps to increase the salivery secretion.

  • Take handful of Neem leaves and soak in 100 ml of water for at least 4 hours. Filter the water and take 2 ounces of water 4 times a day, it reduces stomach ache due to excessive pitta.

  • For boosting immunity take Neem flowers soak them in Honey and consume them every night.

  • To treat chickenpox, make paste out of Neem leaves and apply to the skin or add Neem leaves to water for bath.

  • To cure wounds and cuts apply the Neem oil or Neem paste to the affected areas for speady recovery.

  • Neem powder oil is very effective in relieving from skin allergies, rashes, itches and ringworms.

  • Neem water is very effective in treating the injuries caused by burns.

  • Neem oil can be used as hair oil regularly for treating dandruff, removing lice and reducing hair fall.

  • Eating Neem leaves every day will get rid of intestinal worms and helps in restoring the functioning of intestines.

  • Taking Neem leaves internally will purifies the blood, improves the quantity of blood and also thickens it.


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