Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Explain constitution,Facts about the constitution,Rights constitution

Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Explain constitution,Facts about the constitution,Rights constitution

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution)

We wonder sometimes that why under similar conditions,people and their body react in a different way, why do we exhibit diversity in size, shape, complexion, energy levels, emotional responses, intelligence & health.

Ayurveda has answer of all these curiosities. The concept of Prakriti in Ayurveda is unique and has explanation for this.

Prakriti is our body constitution. Every person is born with a definite genetic constitution, determined by dominant doshas (three vital energies), genetic & environmental factors, Food and lifestyle of the mother and of course the five elements (Panchamahabhuta) that make up a fetus. There are three major types of Prakriti and these reflect predominance of that particular Dosha. Our body behaves according to the status of Dosha Prakriti. Each constitution offers a distinct physical & mental profile.

a) Physical functioning : Physical structure, complexion, hair colour, digestive capacity, appetite.
b) Mental & Emotional behavioral pattern.

If we know our prakriti then we can avoid health problems by following regimen that suits our prakriti.

There are seven possible Prakriti (constitution) types -

  • Vata Prakriti
  • Pitta Prakriti
  • Kapha Prakriti
  • Vata-Pitta Prakriti
  • Vata-Kapha Prakriti
  • Pitta-Kapha Prakriti
  • Tridosha Prakriti

  • With the knowledge of one's Prakriti, it is practically possible to apply Ayurvedic fundamentals in maintenance of health as well as prevention and cure of diseases.

    How do our body types get aggravated?

    Our certain habits & behavioural pattern have adverse effect on our three Doshas.As a result they get aggrevated. You'll become prone to common ailments and chronic condition.

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