Chandrasana Yoga: Classical Yoga postures Chandrasana, ardha chandrasana, suryanamaskar, half moon yoga pose

Chandrasana Yoga: Classical Yoga postures Chandrasana, ardha chandrasana, suryanamaskar, half moon yoga pose

Yoga Postures >> Chandrasana Yoga Postures/Chandrasana Asana

How to do Chandrasana yoga postures?
  1. Start with the standing position, inhale and bring both hands extended parallel to the floor.

  2. The position of both feet is 1 feet distance or at the hip parallel.

  3. Exhale and put forward the right hand on the floor with the bend from the waist, and make sure the body is moving downward, neither front nor back.

  4. Move the right leg up at the same level making a 90 angle to the left foot.

  5. Bring the left hand up at the right angle of the right foot, maintain the balance in the final pose, and make a cross sign with both hands and right leg.

  6. Stare at any front point to better balance and pose maintenance, pull the leg and both hands far from the body and maintain for a few breaths.

  7. Exhale, and relax the spine and core muscles slowly, then put down the right leg and trunk upward.

  8. Relax the hands and keep them aside slowly, and exhale deeply.

  9. Repeat either side and maintain for 5-6 breaths.

Benefits of Chandrasana yoga postures

  • Improves arm and forearm strength.

  • It is also beneficial for the core and waist balance.

  • Improves back posture (vertebral curve).

  • Decreases thigh and belly fat.

  • Indications

  • Stress and mental disturbance.

  • For arm and shoulder strengthening.

  • Contraindication

  • Lack of body-breath connections.

  • Hernia, stone, or chronic pain.

  • Arthritis, or any other physical conditions.

  • Spine injuries, abdominal surgeries.

  • Arm or shoulder injuries.

  • Who can do it?

  • Above 14 years of children to 50-60 years of elder.

  • Who canít?

  • Seniors above 60-70 or pregnant women.

  • Final pose picture

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