Angusthasana Yoga: Classical Yoga postures Angusthasana, suryanamaskar

Angusthasana Yoga: Classical Yoga postures Angusthasana, suryanamaskar

Yoga Postures >> Angusthasana Yoga Postures/Angusthasana Asana

How to do Angusthasana yoga postures?
  1. Stand static in Tadasana, line up the body and stand with spine straight, relaxed shoulders, chin parallel to the ground. Arms are placed by the side of the body. Feel the strength in the calf, ankle, and hamstrings of the legs.

  2. Inhale as you bring the top of your right foot just before your left hip. Take a few slow breaths here to maintain your balance, bringing your hands to the heart midpoint. With an exhalation, lower the hips, bow your left knee, and lower the whole body towards the floor.

  3. Although going down, if maintaining balance becomes difficult, then place palm/fingers on the floor, for a few breaths. While going down, think of balance on the left foot, while extending the soles of the feet

  4. Slowly as the body goes down, place the hips on either the heels of the left foot, initially you get ease, and then rest the left buttocks on the left heel. Retain the back straight and spine alert

  5. Steadily, as you calm down with your hips, take your hands back. With inhalation, pull your abdominal muscles in, and stretch your spinal column

  6. Stay in this position for 3-4 breaths, initially, and then slowly release from the pose. Loosen the pelvic floor muscles then exhale, gently raise hips and lift the body up

  7. Whereas in the pose bring consciousness to your hips, confirming that they are positioned well, place all the toes, lock the opposite ankle at the hip, open the torso to bring stability to the shoulders and hips, and keep concentrating at one point by steady eyes that support your balance

  8. Release, and come back to Half Lotus Tree Pose, Relax here for a few inhale-exhale

  9. Free the bent leg and stand in Tadasana. Bring the feet near each other

  10. Repeat it with the other side.

Benefits of akasha yoga postures

  • Strengthens the knees, ankles, and the toes.

  • Increase awareness and Concentration.

  • Helps destress and ease out the nervous system.

  • Improve functions of the digestive system and reproductive system, by stimulating the organs involved.

  • Indications

  • Balancing problem.

  • Calf and leg muscles strengthening.

  • Leg cramps.

  • Contraindication

  • Knees and ankle injuries.

  • Lack of body-breath connections.

  • Vertigo issues, blood pressure, arthritis, or any other physical conditions.

  • Who can do it?

  • Above 14 years of children to 50-60 years of elders.

  • Who canít?

  • Seniors or pregnant women.

  • Final pose picture

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