Burning sensation: Home remedies for burning sensation on skin, natural remedies for skin burns

Burning sensation: Home remedies for burning sensation on skin, natural remedies for skin burns


Home Remedies >> Burning Sensation (Skin)

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Dr. Riddhi P. Sardhara.

Causes of Burning Sensation

  • The burning sensation is caused by any diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or vitamin deficiency.

  • It is also caused by a bug bite, allergy, irritation, or burns.

  • A burning sensation is also due to any skin disorders.

  • Nerve inflammation, suppression, or infections also causes burning sensations.

  • Symptoms of Burning Sensation

  • Tingling or feeling of burn, or hotness in the skin or any part of the body.

  • Sometimes it is associated with the period or seasonal changes.

  • The burning sensation is the subjective parameter which is changing person to person.

  • Home Remedies for Burning Sensation (Skin)

  • Dilute a cup of Epsom Salt (sendha namak) in half bucket of water and soak the affected area.

  • Blend a bunch of Basil (Tulsi) leaves and apply the paste to the affected skin.

  • Combine one teaspoon of Turmeric (Haldi) powder in a glass of water and drink it thrice a day.

  • Mix two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with two cups of water and stir it well. Soak a cotton cloth in the solution and apply it to the affected skin area.

  • Apply the leaf pulp of Aloe vera (Ghritakumari) on the affected area.

  • Grind wet Neem leaves with a sufficient quantity of water, in a mixer and collect the froth. Apply it to the affected area. Wash it after half an hour and do it once a day.

  • Apply the paste of Sandalwood (Chandan) on the affected area.

  • Eat grapes (Angoor).

  • Take the pulp of amla(Indian gooseberry)add sugar/jaggery to it. Take twice a day after meal, decreases the burning sensations of the whole body.

  • If a burning sensation is associated with redness and occurs during the day, take a transparent part of cow ghee, and apply it to the affected area.

  • Burning sensation on the head can be decreased by the Lepa (applying paste) of Triphala/amla with the buttermilk during the daytime.

  • During summertime, if sunburn occurs, take a Sankhjeera powder with rosewater, and applies to the skin.

  • In the burning sensation on the face associated with tanning/ redness, regular application of the rosewater with the sandalwood powder is also advisable.

  • The burning sensation of the palm and feet is decreased by the application of licorice root (Yastimadhu) and amla powder with the cow ghee. Also, licorice root powder internally decreases the burning sensations.


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