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Ayurvedic institutein Abroad,Ayurvedic Institutes in Abroad,List of Ayurvedic institutein Abroad


Ayurvedic Schools by Location.

In Singapore

Ancient's Best, Clinic and Study Center of Ayurveda
c/o 201 Petir Road, #14-691, Singapore 670201
Tel:6594508559 (mobile)
Email: [email protected]
Web site: www.ayuryoga.com.sg

In Japan

Ayurveda International Diffusing Association
Masako Sugihara
305-1, Yamate-Cho
Fukuhama-shi Hiroshima-ken , Japan
Tel: 0081-849-518463

In Thailand

Integrated Medical Clinic
Dr. Eddy Bettermann M.D. and B.A.M.S.
227/124 Banwangtan Mooban Wang Tan 5,
Soi 3, T. Sanpakwan, A. Hang Dong
Chiang Mai 50230, Thailand
Mobile. 098505066
Tel: (+66)-53-436284
Fax. (+66)-53-436284
Web Site: www.dreddyclinic.com
Email:[email protected]

In New Zealand

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
Director:Vijay Srinivasamurthy
6 Francis Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]

In Canada

The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish
351 Victoria Ave. Westmount, Quebec, Canada H3Z 2N1
Tel: 866-428-3799 Web Site: www.palmistry.com
Email: [email protected]

In Europe

School of Ayurvedic Massage
(affiliate of International Academy of Ayurveda)
Ausbildungszentrum Bergler
J. Bergler GmbH
Babenbergerstrae 88, A-8020 Graz
Tel.: +43 316 38 10 71
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.bergler.at

The Manipal Ayurvedic University of Europe
(a joint venture between The Manipal University and the Ayurvedic Company of Great Britain)
Prof. S. Warrier, B.A.(Hons), M.A., Ph.D., MILT, Dean of Academic Planning
81 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9RF
Tel: 0207 224 6070
Web Site: www.ayurvedagb.com , www.unifiedherbal.com
Email: [email protected]

European Vedic Institute (affiliate to International Academy of Ayurveda)
Director - Atreya Smith,
Web Site: www.atreya.com

Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation
Mr. Istvan Josef Riesz
H-1055 Budapest,
Balaton u.22-24
Tel/Fax: 00-(36-1)-331-2316-353-1591
Tel: 00-(36-1)-331-4350
Web Site: www.ayurveda.hu

SKA Ayurveda (affiliate to International Academy of Ayurveda) Director - Mrs. Basiliza Quermit
Via Binda 16/b Milano, Italy
Tel: 0039-02-89121959
Web Site: www.ska-ayu.org

Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, NL
WG Plein 264
1054 SE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 020-8401887
Web Site: www.ayurvedicstudies.nl

Amrita Ayurveda and Master Classes of Ayurveda
Eyndovensteenweg 44 - B-2960 Brecht, Belgium
GSM BE (+32) (0) 475 82 55 82
GSM NL (+31) (0) 641 000 248
Web Site: www.ayurved.eu
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]

Foundation for Health
Mrs. Zanna Kiesner
Warszawa, 022-1 Bellettiego, Poland
Tel: 0048-22-6363401
Web Site: www.osrodecpomocyzwodoriu.com

South Africa
Ananda Sanga Educational Institute (affiliate to International Academy of Ayurveda)
Martin Combrinck
South Africa Representative
Web site: www.asanga.org.za
Email: [email protected]

School of Ayurvedic Culture (affiliate to International Academy of Ayurveda)
Director - Dr. Angela Sanz,Miss Nazuna Yeo
15 Pral 2 08021
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: 0034-93-2405219
Web site: www.escueladeayurveda.com
Email: [email protected]

Swedish/Nordic Ayur-veda School
Maivor Stigengreen
Web site: www.ayur-veda.se
Email: [email protected]

Skandinaviska Institutet for Halsa och Andlig Utveckling.
Director: Johan Ljungsberg
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 08-664 77 29
Web site : wwww.skand.org
Email: [email protected]

Sussane Godli
In Boden 29, 8046
Zurich, Swiss
Tel: 00411-3713600
Web site : Web: www.godli.ch
Email: [email protected]



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