Private Practice in Ayurveda,Ayurveda Consultant

Private Practice in Ayurveda,Ayurveda Consultant

Private Practice

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Legal Aspects:
1.Medical Profession comes under Section 44a and Rule 6F
2.Should have registration of state Ayurvedic board, get it renewed as per the rule of the State Board. (After every 5 years or so).
3.Register Under Shops and Establishment Act.
4.Apply for a PAN Card.
5.Maintain Daily Case Register as per form 3c with date, patients name, nature of services given, fees received etc.
6.Union Bank Of India offers Union Health Loans for setting up clinic.
7.Get Audit of account books done every year.

Required Infrastructure:
1.Space: Minimum 140 sq. Ft., Optimal 220 sq.ft.
2.Staff: Compounder, Attendant, Sweeper.
3.Furniture: Writing table, doctor's chair, examination table, library cabinet, computer. Chairs for waiting room. Shelves or racks for medicines.
4.Instruments and equipments: Sthethoscope, Sphygnomanometer, Hammer, Weighing machine, Gloves, Sutures, Needles, Bandage, Cotton, Sponge, Torch, Thermometer, Scalpel, Scissors, Iv stand, Blades, Kidney tray, Tounge depressor, Measurement tape, Wash basin, Disinfectants, Soap, Napkin, Height meter, Enema pot, Enema syringe, Instrument trolley, Speculum, Vaginal wall retractor, IV transfusion set etc.
5.Stationary: Letter head (with the name, registration number and contact number etc, information about the doctor), Referral slips, Stamp, Stamp pad, Stapler, Stapler pins, Punching machines, Pens, Pencil, Marker, Stock register, Patient record register, RSeceipt book etc.
6.Medicines: The doctor if dispensing from own clinic should keep the simple medicines in the dispensing room with proper labelling of name, date of manufacturing, date of expiry etc, in air tight containers.
7.Others: Display board (Electrical,simple), Pamplets, Books, Magzines, Some informative charts, Telephone, Drinking water facility, Toilet.

List of Ayurvedic medicines for Clinic:
1.Churna(Powder): Guduchi Churna, Triphala churna, Trikatu churn, Sitopaladi churna, Sudarshan churna, Rasayan churna, Shatavari churna, Ashwagandha churna, Pushyanug Churna, Panchsakaar churna, Talishadi churna, Hingvashtak churna, Nagkesar churna, Gokshur churna.
2.Vati(Tablets): Lavangadi vati, Khadiradi vati, Kutaj ghan vati, Manjhisthadi vati, Yograj guggulu, Kaisore guggulu, Kanchanar guggulu, Aarogyavardhini vati, Tribhuvankirti rasa.
3.Leha(Paste): Chavanprashaveleha, Vasavaleha, Kwath(Decoction), Dashmool kwath, Bharangyadi Kwath, Rasnadi Kwath, Rasnasaptak Kwath, Mahamanjhisthadi Kwath, Pathyadi Kwath,Punarnavadi.
4.Others: Dashang Lepa, Mahanarayana Tail, Erand Taila, Sarjaras malham, Chandanbalalakshadi taila, Anu taila, Nilgiri tail.

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