MCQs for Ayurvedic Competitive Examinations,MCQ Questions for Ayurveda,Ayurveda MCQ,MCQ for md ayurveda,MCQ On Ayurveda

MCQs for Ayurvedic Competitive Examinations,MCQ Questions for Ayurveda,Ayurveda MCQ,MCQ for md ayurveda,MCQ On Ayurveda

MCQs Sample Paper-1

Question Papers >> MCQs Sample Paper-1

1. Astanga Sangraha contains ___ sthanas
a) 6 b) 7 c) 5 d) none of the above

2. Total number of verses in Ashtanga Hridaya
a) 8120 b) 7120 c) 9120 d) 6120

3. Astanga Hridaya chikitsa stana contains ___ chapters
a) 22 b) 32 c) 12 d) 42

4. Visra is the guna of ___ dosha?
a) vata b) pitta c) kapha d) raktha

5. Kashaya, tiktha, madura rasa decreases ___ dosha
a) vatta b) pitta c) kapha d) all the above

6. Drishta karma is the quality of ___
a) Bishak b) Dravya c) Upastha ta d) All the above

7. Amarmago jitatmanaha is the feature of ___ vyadhi?
a) sadhya b) krichra Sadhya c) Yapya d) asadhya

8. Dvividopakramaniya adhyaya in ___ chapter of Ashtang hridhya sutrasthana
a) 10 b) 12 c) 14 d) 16

9. Rasanjana is used
a) Daily b) once in 3 days c) once in a week d) once in a month

10. Gajjam simha eva karshan bhajannati vinasyati related to
a) prajaparada b)vritti c) abyanga d) vyayama

11. Vyapada is one of the
a) Papa karma b) punya karma c) shad karma d) none of the above

12. Papa karma related to vakke
a) sabinna alapa b) asteya c) abidya d)all the above

13. Adana kala consists of
a)sisira, vasanta, grishma b)vasanta, grishma, varsha c)varsha, sharath, hemantha d)none

14. lavana rasa is powerful during ___ rithu
a)Sisira b)Vasanta c)Varsha d)Sharad

15. Person have pravara bala in ___ ritu
a)Sisira, hemanta b)Hemanta, varsha c)Sisira grishma d)Vasanta hemanta

16. Prabala anala in ___ ritu
a)Sisira b)Vasanta c)Hemant d)Varsha

17. In Sisira ritu which rasa is powerful
a) Madura b)Amla c)Kashaya d)Tikta

18. Madya should be avoided in ___ritu
a)Varsha b)Grishma c)All ritus d)None

19. Divaswapna indicated in ___ritu?
a)Varsha b)Grishma c)both a and b d)all the above

20. Hamsodaka occurs ___ ritu
a) sarad `b)Hemanth c)Varsha d)Vasanta

21. Adharaneeya vega are
a) 6 b)13 c)14 d)7

22. Suppression of ___ vega leads to pindikodweshtana
a)Adhovata b)Sakrith c)Mutra d)Chardi

23. Treatment for mutra vega dharana is___pana?
a)Taila b)Gritam c)both a and b d)takra

24. Among Jala varga which one is best?
a) Kupa b)Tadaka c)Nadieya d)Gangabu

25. Types of jala?
a) 6 b) 8 c) 10 d) 12

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