Incompatible foods according to ayurveda,foods not to be combined

Incompatible foods according to ayurveda,foods not to be combined

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Incompatible foods according to Ayurveda

  • Melons must not be eaten along with grains, starch, fried foods and cheese.

  • Chicken or fish should not be taken with milk, sesame or sprouted grains. If combined so, it may lead to digestive problems.

  • Banana must be avoided with milk, yogurt or buttermilk. Because this combination may result in fall of digestion and thus can produce toxins and also lead to cold, cough and allergies.

  • Along with or just after the meal, chilled or iced drinks must be avoided as the coldness declines digestive fire (agni) and causes digestive problems and allergies.

  • Mixing of ghee and honey in equal quantity is not advisable as it give opposite reactions in the body. Honey has a heating, drying, scraping action whereas ghee has a cooling, moisturizing quality.

  • Milk must not be taken after eating fish. Milk is a coolant product while fish has a hot potency. So if both are taken together they vitiate the blood and cause obstruction in body's channels.

  • sweet and sour fruits must not be combined. Individual fruits should be preferred as a different meal.

  • Eating raw and cooked foods together is not advisable. The salad can be taken first and then after a short while main meal can be taken.

  • Starche is not compatible with eggs, milk, bananas, dates and persimmons.

  • Due to antagonistic qualities of salt and milk, they should not be taken together.

  • Radish should not be eaten in combination with milk, bananas and raisins.

  • Vegetables like potato, tomato, eggplant and chilly should not be combined with yogurt, milk, melon and cucumber.

  • Eggs should not be eaten with milk, meat, yogurt, melons, cheese, fish and bananas.

  • Lemon should not be mixed with yogurt, milk, cucumber and tomato.

  • Corn must not be merged with dates, raisins and bananas.

  • There must be at least 30 minutes time gap between consumption of Holy basil and milk.

  • Mangoes are incompatible with yogurt, cheese and cucumbers.

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