Home remedies of jaggery, palm jaggery, benefits of jaggery

Home remedies of jaggery, palm jaggery, benefits of jaggery


Home Remedies >> Jaggery (Gud)

Home Remedies of Jaggery (Gud)

  • For skin rejuvenation - neem paste with the jaggery applies on the skin for 10-15 minutes, rub when wash, it gives moisture and better tone to the skin.

  • For menstrual cramps - ghee roast 2 tablespoons of coarse wheat flour, add 2 glasses of hot water and 15-20 gm of jaggery in it, add teaspoon ajwain seed in it, take it warm is beneficial.

  • For weakness - take 15 gm of jaggery in 1 glass of water, sit it for 4-5 hours, add lemon and rock salt to it, it is beneficial in the weakness.

  • As energy bar - take dry fruits like almond, cashew, raisin, apricot, and walnuts, roast in ghee for while, add hot melted(brown) jaggery into it, set it into the plate. After drying take as an energy bar.

  • In anemia - jaggery dilute in water, add in buttermilk or curd, take once a day is useful.

  • For GIT detoxification - take jaggery with the ajwain, ginger powder once a day in the morning is beneficial.

  • For cough and cold - take jaggery, ginger powder in the same quantity, make a peanut size ball, take it thrice a day is beneficial.

  • For constipation - take 1 teaspoon of ghee/ sesame oil in 7-8 gm jaggery, consume at night with warm water is beneficial.

  • For muscle cramps - take jaggery water with pippalimoola (the root of Piper nigrum) and/or ginger powder is taken before meal twice a day is recommended.

  • Hair pack - amla powder, jaggery, Multani mitti, and sesame oil in an iron vessel for 24 hours, apply it on hair for better hair growth and shining hairs.

  • Jaggery tea - Add lemongrass, jaggery, and black pepper to boiling water. After taking from the heat, add lime juice into it. This can be the better option of tea/coffee.

  • Calories

    384-385 kcal


    1050 mg


    8-9 gms


    17-18 gms


    60-85 gms


    10-15 gms


    11-12 gms


    70-90 mg

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