Tej Patta, Bay Leaf: Home remedies of Tejpatta, benefits of bay leaf, uses of tej patta, bay leaves in hindi

Tej Patta, Bay Leaf: Home remedies of Tejpatta, benefits of bay leaf, uses of tej patta, bay leaves in hindi


Ayurvedic Home Remedies By Herbs >> Bay leaf(Tej Patta)

Home Remedies of Bay leaf(Tej Patta)

  • Make an infusion of Tej Patta, add it to the shampoo, and use it. It helps to treat dandruff.

  • To reduce swelling and other general pains, take few drops of Tej Patta essential oil and massage on the affected areas.

  • Drink an infusion of Tej Patta along with the meal, to clear stomach upsets and reduce the problems of digestive disorders.

  • To promote sweating and to reduce fever, boil a cup of water and add 2 to 3 Bay leaf(Tej Patta), cover the infusion, and steep it for 15 minutes. Later add this to the cup of tea and consume it.

  • To cure cough and flu, boil the water and add some Bay leaf(Tej Patta). Next, cover the solution and steep it for 15 minutes. Later soak a cloth in the water and place it on the chest for quick relief.

  • To treat skin infections, apply Bay leaf(Tej Patta) paste to the affected area.

  • Drink the decoction of Bay leaf(Tej Patta) tea with hot water, which will help to treat constipation and irregular bowel movements.

  • Extract of Bay leaf(Tej Patta) oil is used for the treatment of paralysis and muscle pain.

  • To prevent cancer, consume Tej Patta leaves regularly.

  • The extract made from Tej Patta leaves is used to cure dental problems.

  • To treat arthritis, use Tej Patta leaf daily in regular cooking.

  • To reduce cholesterol, take 7 Tej Patta leaves and 300 grams of Ceremai leaves boil them with 600 ccs of water until it remains 300 ccs, then drink this water regularly.

  • For treatment of scabies or hives, take Tej Patta leaves and bark rinse and then mill until it becomes smooth. Then add enough amount of coconut oil and apply it to the itchy areas.

  • Considerations of use of Bay leaf(Tej Patta)

  • Overuse or long-term use as a medicine or remedies can cause gastrointestinal disturbance, sometimes ulcer or bleeding in the GI tract.

  • Some persons also have an allergy to bay leaf oil, as it contains eugenol.

  • The smoke of bay leaves also can breathing difficulties in some people.

  • Use moderate and wisely according to the disease and as per the consultantís advice.

  • Organic Bay leaf(Tej Patta)

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