Teeth Problems,Dental Health,Periodontal,Teeth Pain,Gum Diseases

Teeth Problems,Dental Health,Periodontal,Teeth Pain,Gum Diseases


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Home Remedies For Dental caries

  • Take one gm of asafoetida (heeng) in a spoon or spatula and warm it on heater or stove. After warming put the powder in dental caries.
  • Brush the teeth with neem tweek daily.

  • Home Remedies For Toothache

  • In toothache rub black pepper (kali mirch) powder for 5-10 min twice a day.
  • Gargle with decoction of black pepper (kali mirch) twice a day.
  • Prepare a swab of nutmeg (jaiphal) oil / clove (launag) oil and keep it on the affected tooth for some time.
  • Long pepper(piplamul, lindi pepper, piplamool) powder mixed with honey (shahad) should be kept in mouth.



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