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Causes of obesity in children

  • Now a day’s sedentary lifestyles and faulty dietary habits are the major cause of obesity in children.

  • Diabetes in pregnant women also causes obesity in newborn babies.

  • Hereditary and idiopathic are also causes of obesity in children.

  • How to diagnose Obesity

  • BMI is 1st and is mostly used for obesity severity checking.

  • BMI calculation weight in kilograms divided by height in centimeters.

  • Below 18.5 - underweight.

  • 18.5-24.9 – normal
    25.0- 29.9 – overweight
    30.0-34.9 – obesity class 1
    35.0-39.9 – obesity class 2
    Above 40 – obesity class 3

    Home Remedies for obesity in children

  • Exercise is the first medicine for obesity, plays, dance, and other physical activities are also helpful.

  • A better diet is also useful in reducing weight in children. Include vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and leafy vegetables in your child's diet.

  • Barley, jawar, ragi, and soybean are better options rather than normal wheat and rice flour.

  • Munching options for children are roasted chickpea, fruits, and popcorn.

  • Reducing oil in the diet and using cow ghee is better to nourish and useful in obesity.

  • Avoiding junk food, bakery items, and sugary things in a diet is useful in obesity.

  • Treating constipation with laxatives (Triphala powder and amaltas) is also helpful.

  • A liquid and hot diet are beneficial for obesity.

  • Including honey instead of sugar in the child's diet.

  • A wholesome diet and hot water during the day are better to improve metabolism and reduce weight.

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