Home remedies for increasing immunity in children

Home remedies for increasing immunity in children


Home Remedies for Increasing Immunity in Children

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Home remedies for increasing immunity in children

  • The diet of children according to age and season of the year should be considered carefully.

  • Giving proper diet, sleep, and accordingly exercise are various tools for increasing immunity in children.

  • Sleep is a very important factor in the daily regimen for built-up immunity, so avoid late-night awakening and mid-day sleep.

  • Parents should give education about physical activities including outdoor games, dance, cleaning, helping others, etc. which helps to strengthen the muscle, and bone joints, and increase the stamina of the child.

  • Proper diet and digestion have the main role to play in increasing immunity, if the diet is proper but digestion is weak then no benefits of the diet are utilized in the body.

  • Give the child to eat some Almonds (badam) daily. Almond milk is also useful for children who hate the taste and smell of milk(recipe as below).

  • Make the child eat Guava (amarud) fruit every day, which increases Vitamin C and improves the immune system.

  • Curd(dhahi) must be given to the child regularly. Curd is also useful for digestion, but it is useful only in the morning or noon and with some pepper powder or sugar or tempering with oil or ghee.

  • Taking Carrots regularly increases the immune system.

  • The intake of sugar must be reduced to increase immunity.

  • Make powder of Aswagandha root and add 3 to 4 grams of it to milk. Give this milk to the child renovate energy levels.

  • Prepare a mixture of powdered Liquorice (mulethi) root, Honey (shahad), and ghee to it. Give this to the child.

  • Give some Basil (tulsi) leaves daily to the child, it helps to increase the immune system.

  • Give Chyawanprash daily to the child, it helps to increase the immune system.

  • Use cow’s ghee instead of using any oil.

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