Home remedies for Hiccups for babies, cure for hiccups in babies, baby hiccups, reason for hiccups

Home remedies for Hiccups for babies, cure for hiccups in babies, reason for hiccups


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The Common cause of hiccups in children

The most common cause of hiccups is indigestion, constipation, or overeating habits, so cure the hiccups better to cure indigestion and develop a good dietary habit.

Home Remedies For Hiccups for children

  • Take the pulp of Amaltas (Casia fistula) and soak it in a cup of water, after maceration strain it and use as constipation removal as well as remedies for hiccups (this is work also in babies of 2-3 months old).

  • Take asafoetida, put it into the water and pour it into the umbilical region and allow it to dry. It will help in the removal of hiccups and flatulence also.

  • When hiccups have an interval and more frequency take candy sugar and suck its juice with force, It can be really helpful.

  • Rub or gently pat on the baby's back when they have hiccups.

  • If baby gets hiccups after feeding, then instead of giving one big feeding at a time, try to feed your baby about half as much, twice as often.

  • To stop the hiccups in babies, hold the baby against your shoulder and pat gently on their back.

  • Take a tablespoon of Anise seeds (saunf ke beej) and pour one cup of hot water over it. Cool the mixture and give a tablespoon of this water to the baby.

  • To withhold hiccups, add some Honey (shahad) to water and give it to the baby.

  • One can put a pinch of sugar on the tongue of the baby to stop hiccups.

  • And also shitali and shitakari pranayama are simple and enjoyable for children, as it stimulates the vagus nerve and also helps to relieve the hiccups.

  • Including warm water in diet or in-between diet is also useful for hiccups.

  • Take saindha namak(rock salt), ajwain(carom seeds), and jeera, grind it well, and taken with honey or sugar is also beneficial.

  • In hiccups with constipation take a leaf of arka (Calotropis procera) and apply castor oil to it and put it on the abdominal area of the baby, it helps.

  • Take black pepper, jeera powder, and triturate with mint leaves and lemon juice, this mixture will be taken with water sip by sip, it slows down the hiccups.

  • Tablet of kapurkachali (shati- Curcuma zedoaria) is also beneficial in the get rid of hiccups.

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