Earache: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies & Cure, Home remedies for Earache in children, Earache in kids

Earache: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies & Cure, Home remedies for Earache in children, home remedies for ear infection


Ayurvedic Medicine for Children>> Earache in Children

Causes of earache in children

  • Earache in children is mostly associated with cough, cold or other bacterial or viral diseases.

  • Sometimes it is because of other diseases like toothache, headache, or referred pain of wisdom tooth/periodontitis.

  • Sometimes it is also associated with ear discharge which is the need to consult the doctor immediately.

  • Home remedies for earache in children

  • For earache without ear discharge, oil tempering with garlic is as beneficial as ear drops.

  • Heat the oil and add asafoetida, then it is used as pain-relieving ear drops, it uses twice a day.

  • Make a bowl from leaves of pipal (Ficus religiosa), heat the sesame oil in the pan, then pour into the leaves bowl, collect the oil, and used it as pain-relieving ear drops.

  • Massage with sesame oil over the outer area of the ear and take steam of ajwain seed is beneficial in earache and headache too.

  • Boil the one cup of water for 15 minutes add a pinch of ajwain and camphor in it, this remedies of drops use for earache associated with cough and cold.

  • When the wax is impacted in the ear it also causes earache, daily use of coconut oil or cow ghee drops protects the ear from the hardening of wax.

  • Dhoop (smoke) of Guggulu(Commiphora Mukul), and turmeric with cow ghee are useful in fungal and bacterial infections.

  • In Wisdom tooth or toothache try Anutaila(medicated ayurvedic oil) for Nasya treatment. (oil drops in nostrils which are performed by the physician or ayurvedic expert).

  • Facial massage and steam inhalation are beneficial for earache and mandibular pain too.

  • Earache with discharge is managed by dhoop(smoke) and proper maintenance of ear hygiene. (do not apply any treatment without ENT/Ayurveda expert person).

  • Haridrakhand pak (Ayurveda preparation of turmeric) is useful internally in ear discharge, and pain.

  • Hygiene and protection for the ear in children

  • Ear hygiene maintenance in children always done by parents or guardians with the proper instrument, like handmade cotton buds, which is donít harm the babyís eardrum.

  • Donít use readymade earbuds in the ear of children, sometimes they penetrate to the eardrum or impact the wax in the internal ear.

  • Use cotton buds in the swimming pool or during the bath, it protects the ear from water-borne infections.

  • In winter cover the ears with a scarf or cloth to protect the ear from pressure and pain. (Cold wind alters the tissues of the ear because ears are not protected from fat tissue, it increases the pain).

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