Remedies for diaper rash in children, causes of diaper rash in children, diaper rash treatment, diaper use tips

Remedies for diaper rash in children, causes of diaper rash in children, diaper rash treatment, diaper use tips

Ayurvedic Medicine for Children>> Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Consideration of diaper use:

  • The use of diapers is very carefully managed in babies, use cotton or skin protective cloth for regular use.

  • Whenever there is a need of using a diaper, make sure that after the baby's micturition or defecation, change it immediately.

  • Use diapers that have breathable fabric, so they can help to prevent rashes.

  • Home remedies for diaper Rash

  • If a diaper rash has occurred, immediately wipe out the area and don't use diapers until the rash completely healed.

  • Use a cotton cloth that hasn't body fit the baby, allowing the air in and out to heal the rashes quickly.

  • Taking turmeric internally as well as externally is beneficial. (Drinking golden milk, and turmeric with water/honey for external application).

  • Use a Panchvalkal Kwath (ayurvedic decoction) for washing and cleaning the rashes. You can also use the bark of pipal(Ficus religiosa) and/or banyan tree decoction for a wash.

  • Apply a powder of sankh jeera or talcum powder after washing and cleaning the rash gently.

  • Apply Shatadhauta ghee (It is prepared by washing purified ghee one hundred times with water in a metal pot).

  • Use castor oil with turmeric for local application in winters to heal effectively.

  • In summers avoid ointments or creams for applications.

  • The feeding mothers should avoid curd, black gram, milk, dairy product, excessively spicy food, salt, and fried food.

  • In excessive diaper rash consult a doctor, and must do proper dressing and rash care.

  • Use packing of cotton/ gauze piece with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ointment or powder for protection from other skin infections.

  • For dusting use powder made of turmeric, the bark of pipal, and banyan tree. It helps to heal diaper rash quickly.

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