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What is Cough?

Cough is a protective reflex which clears the airways of antifriction, phlegm, dust, smoke or a foreign body. Whenever there is an obstruction in the throat, the brain thinks it to be a foreign object and tries to relieve it by coughing. Continuous coughing for more than two weeks needs medical attention.

Home Remedies For Cough

  • Juice of Basil (tulsi) leaves 10 ml two times a day with honey (shahad).
  • Juice of Ginger(adarak) 10 ml two times a day.
  • Powder of Black Pepper (kali mirch) 3 gm with honey (shahad) two times a day.
  • Juice of Malabur nut (vasa-adusi) 10 ml twice a day.
  • Take 2 gm powder of dried ginger (sonth), 1 gm powder of Long Pepper (lindi pepper, piplamool, piplamul) and mix with Jaggery (gudha) twice a day.
  • Take dried fruit rind of pomegranate (anar), boil it in water till it becomes one fourth, then filter it and drink 40 ml of this freshly prepared decoction twice a day.
  • Consume 10 ml of juice of Malabar nut (adusi) with 2-3g of turmeric (haldi) powder mixed with milk cream (malai).
  • Take 10 gm of honey (shahad) and mix it with 40 ml drinkable lukewarm water and drink this 2-3 times per day.
  • Chew ajowan and cardamom (dalchini) and swallow the juice which is being formed in the mouth.
  • Take 3gm of liquorice (mulethi) powder with honey (shahad).


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