Home remedies for boils in children,ayurvedic remedies for boils in children info

Home remedies for boils in children,ayurvedic remedies for boils in children info


Home remedies For Boils in Children

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What is boils in children?

Boils are infections just under the top layer of the skin. Boils often form in the glands around the root of a hair. The wall of the gland keeps the infection in one place, so it does not spread into the surrounding skin. At first, the skin turns red in the area of the infection and a tender lump develops. After four to seven days, the lump starts turning white as pus collects under the skin. The most common places for boils are on the face, neck, armpits, shoulders, and buttocks. When one forms on the eyelid, it is called a sty.

Causes of boils in children

Most boils are caused by a germ called staphylococcal bacteria. This germ enters the body through tiny cuts on the skin and can travel down the hair to the follicle. Boils generally appear when a person is in a run-down and devitalized condition.

Symptoms of boils in children

  • The skin around the boil becomes infected. It turns red, painful, warm and swollen.

  • More boils may appear around the original one.

  • A fever may develop.

  • Lymph nodes may become swollen.

  • Home remedies for boils in children

  • If Boils are with burning sensation, then they should be washed with cold decoction of Liquorice (mulethi) and Cyperus scariosus (Nagarmotha).

  • Take a gently warmed Betel leaf and apply a layer of castor oil on it. Spread the oiled leaf over the inflammed part. The leaf should be replaced for every few hours.

  • Take seeds of black cumin, make paste by adding some water. Apply this pasteon the boils gives beneficial results.

  • In case of fresh boils, take few dry roasted roots of turmeric crush them and dissolve in half a cup of water. Apply this on the infected area.

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