Home remedies for bad breath,natural remedies for bad breath,causes and symptoms for bad breath info

Home remedies for bad breath,natural remedies for bad breath,causes and symptoms for bad breath info


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Causes of Bad breath

Bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria which grows in the mouth when you don't brush and floss regularly. These bacteria accumulate in our teeth on the bits of food left in our mouth. The sulfur compounds released by these bacteria gives our breath bad smell. Certain foods, especially ones like garlic and onions that contain pungent oils, can contribute to bad breath because these oils are carried to our lungs and out through our mouth. Smoking is also a major cause of bad breath. There are many other things that can cause bad breath, including the following:
  • Diet.
  • Dry Mouth.
  • Tobacco Products.
  • Medical disorders such as gum or periodontal infection, throat infection, local infection in the respiratory tract, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases.
  • Dentures or dental appliances such as braces, can contribute to bad breath.
  • Overnight, bacteria accumulate in the mouth, causing bad breath that is commonly referred to as 'morning breath'.
  • Some people breathe through their mouth at night, which can cause dry mouth and worsen morning breath.

  • Symptoms of Bad breath

  • Bad breath smell.
  • Bad taste or taste change.
  • Dry mouth and coating on the tongue.

  • Home Remedies For Bad breath

  • Mix 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in a cup of water. Gargle with a mixture for a while and wash your mouth with normal water.
  • Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water. Gargle this solution for 3 to 5 minutes. Later rinse your mouth with plain water.
  • Chewing the fresh leaves of Parsley (ajamod) helps to fight Bad breath.
  • Boil one teaspoon of Cinnamon (dalchini) powder, Basil (Tulsi) leaves in a cup of water. Later cool down the solution and use it as a mouth rinse.
  • Chew coriander (dhaniya) seeds.
  • Gargle with decoction of Triphala.
  • Chew liquorice (mulethi) root.
  • One can chew cinnamomum (dalchini) to reduce Bad breath.
  • Eating celery, carrots, apples helps in removing plaque build ups that are responsible for mild and infrequent forms of Bad breath.
  • A salt water gargle also helps to remove bacteria from throat and tonsils.


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