Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies & Cure, Home remedies for Diabetes in children, Diabetes in kids

Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies & Cure, Home remedies for Diabetes in children, home remedies for Diabetes


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Symptoms of diabetes in children

  • Symptoms are the same as diabetes in adults or elders, like excessive thirst, fatigue, hunger, or sweating.

  • Sometimes nausea or vomiting, bedwetting or excessive urination, tachycardia, frequent infections, excessive weight gain or loss.

  • Diet management and suitable regimens

  • The Diet of children is the most difficult part to manage. Replace artificial sugar with natural sugars like dates, figs, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Replace sugar with jaggery or pure honey. (All natural sugar also increases blood sugar levels, but it is more nutritious than artificial, so its use of it is also limited.)

  • All fried items should be made with cow ghee instead of any oil.

  • Avoid taking curd, non-veg fats, and new grains of routine use like wheat, and rice. (use minimum 1-2 year edged rice or wheat).

  • Use multigrain flour instead of single flour of wheat or rice or other. (ragi, soybean, corn, jawar, millets- multigrain).

  • Use medicated water instead of the normal one. (Add jeera and nutmeg powder in it, sometimes elaichi.).

  • For snacks use roasted chickpea, popcorn, or puffed rice.

  • Avoid taking bath suddenly after taking a meal.

  • Avoid night-awakening, midday sleep/naps, or sleep suddenly after taking a meal.

  • Exercise and pranayama also help to reduce blood sugar levels.

  • Home remedies for diabetes in children

  • Water with paneer ka fool (Withania Coagulans) in the morning is also useful.

  • Use Sattu (roasted chickpea flour) with hot water for an energy drink.

  • Amla powder with turmeric powder in the morning is also useful for diabetes.

  • Karela juice twice a week is also useful for diabetes.

  • Need of consulting the doctors

  • Type-1 or type-2 diabetes in children always needs treatment according to their age and condition of children.

  • Type-1 is more need to attend because its major part of treatment is insulin injectables. So always take medicine according to the physician.

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