Medicine for black gums in children, home remedies for black gums in children, dark gums in child

Medicine for black gums in children, home remedies for black gums in children, dark gums in child

Ayurvedic Medicines For Children>> Black Gums in Children

Causes of black gums in children

There are many possible causes of black gums in children. In general, milk ingestion is one of the causes of black gums. Black gums in children are also caused due to irregular brushing of teeth and also if the milk is allowed to pool in the mouth for long periods.

Medicine for black gums in children

  • A small drop of Eucalyptus oil kills harmful bacteria along the gum line.

  • Massage with Clove leaf directly on the kid's gums.

  • Apply and rub lukewarm sesame oil over the child's dark gums.

  • Give your child enough water to drink to kill the gum line bacteria.

  • Make a paste of fennel seed and sesame oil and apply to gums.

  • Local application of swarjikakshar (Saltpetre) with honey is also useful.

  • Honey with Kapoor (camphor) is also very good for black gum.

  • Take fruit of babool tree, add a saindhav and cow’s ghee, and rub it on gum to alleviate discoloration.

  • Take a pinch of alum and lime juice in a glass of water, and gargle with it. It is beneficial to reduce the darkness of gum.

  • Take ripened fig and rub on the gums for a few days, it is very much effective in black gums.

  • Chewing jasmine leaves is effective in darkened gums.

  • Take the mixture of licorice root, kattha (catechu powder), sugar, and cow’s ghee, add warm water, and gargle with it twice a day for a better result.

  • Oil of nutmeg is also getting benefits for black gum in children.

  • Take a raw almond shell and make ash in a pan, rub with honey, and clove oil, it removes the black mucosa of gums.

  • Take tap-root of banyan, babool tree legume, and make a decoction with water. This decoction is very much useful in blackish discoloration and also in pus or bleeding gum.

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