Do and Donts in Ayurveda,The Ayurveda,Ayurveda for Health,Ayurveda and Health

Do and Donts in Ayurveda,The Ayurveda,Ayurveda for Health,Ayurveda and Health

Do's and Don'ts of Ayurveda

Do's of Ayurveda :

  • One should take proper food and behave properly.
  • One should respect elders, teachers and old people.
  • One should bath two times a day.
  • One should shave, cut hairs and nails at least three times a fortnight.
  • Keep foot and all bodily openings clean.
  • One should always wear clean clothes.

  • Don'ts of Ayurveda :

  • One should not suppress natural urges like urine, stool, sneeze, cough, hiccough, flatulence, yawning, hunger, thirst and sleep.
  • One should not apply facepack in night.
  • One should not over excerise.
  • One should not over indulge in sexual intercourse.
  • One should not eat food of one taste every day (eg. only sweets or spicy food everyday).
  • One should not live in company of people who are aggressive, make fun of others, greedy, shameless, etc.
  • Don't do excessive or improper use of sense organs (excessive use of eye-playing on computer, not seeing from a proper distance).
  • Not sleeping till late nights.
  • Don't speak very loudly.

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