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LiveAyurved Article Contest-I

LiveAyurved/ invites PowerPoint Presentation ( 10 to 15 slides) to be published on (Download PPT Template)

Who Can Submit :
All Ayurveda Professional and Students.

Topics for Presentation :
"Dental and oral care through Ayurveda"

The Presentation should include the following sub-topics
  • Symptoms of dental and oral problems.

  • Causes of dental and oral diseases.

  • Most common types of dental and oral diseases.

  • Ayurvedic home remedies for dental and oral care.

  • Ayurvedic preventive tips for dental and oral care.

  • Length of PowerPoint Presentation :
    10-15 slides.

    Terms and Conditions :
    1.Presentation must be submitted in Liveayurved PPT Template format.

    2.Submitted PPT should not violate any copyright and No plagiarism. (Please download Plagiarism Checker)

    3.All submitted entries will be the property of

    4.Last date of submission: 26th January 2021.

    5.PPT should be in English. (Please download Grammar Checker)

    6.LiveAyurved team decision will be final.

    How to Submit Your PowerPoint Presentation :
    You may send your PPT to [email protected] or upload it on Google Drive and share it with us.

    "Winner will be awarded with gift voucher of Rs 1000".

    Winners of LiveAyurved Video Contest-II are :

    1.Dr.Shweta Hegde, Ayurveda Practitioner,
    Bangalore, India.
    Watch video

    2.Vd.Priyanka Chauhan, P.G. Scholar,
    J.S. Ayurveda Mahavidhyalaya,
    Nadiad, Gujarat, India.
    Watch video

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