Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,vata diet plan,vata kapha pitta,Rights constitution

Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,vata diet plan,vata kapha pitta,Rights constitution

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution)

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution) >> Vata Prakriti

Vata Prakriti Body Type :

Vata Prakriti



1. Physique : Thin, very tall, very short, non muscular. Mostly towards lower side of weight range, sometimes under weight.

2. Skin : Dry,Dark, rough and often cracked.

3. Hair : Dry, coarse, black or dark brown.

4. Nails: Hard and brittle.

5. Lips : Thin, small, darkish.

6. Arms/Legs : Thin and bony.

7. Voice : Weak, low, Cracked.

8. Eyes: Small, narrow or sunken; dark, brown or grey dull.

1. Emotional tendency : Fear, worry, anxiety.

2. Mental tendency: Questioning, theorizing, over-analysis.

3. Social tendency : Often dissatisfied with, and unable to sustain friendships.

4. Speech : Fast, interrupts often.

5. Memory: Erratic. remember easily and forget easily.

6. Sleep : Light, interrupted, 5-7 hours.

7. Gait: Quick with short fast step.

8. Sex drive : Variable, low endurance.

9. Economic Behaviour : Spends money quickly, often on trifles.

10. Appetite:Variable.

11. Activity: Routine irregular but active.

Don'ts for Vata Prakriti -

  • Too many late nights, causing excessive fatigue and nervous strain.
  • Too much dancing or aerobic activities.
  • Too much jogging and other exercises.
  • Over indulgence in leafy vegetables, or uncooked vegetables or food.
  • Excessive sexual indulgence.
  • Too many long telephone conversations, particularly on mobiles.
  • Insufficient time in meditation.
  • Watching too many videos or movies, or too much television.
  • Too many emotionally charged relationships.
  • Lack of emotional or family support.

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