Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Pitta diet plan,Pitta kapha pitta,Rights constitution

Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Pitta diet plan,Pitta kapha pitta,Rights constitution

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution)

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution) >> Pitta Prakriti

Pitta Prakriti Body Type :

Pitta Prakriti



1. Physique : Moderately well developed.Medium Body.

2. Skin : Moist, warm, delicate,soft prone to moles, freckles, acne,sunburn. Excessive sweating.

3. Hair : Fine, red, blonde or light brown, prone to early greying or balding.

4. Nails: Soft,well shaped.

5. Lips : Soft, pinkish, full.

6. Arms/Legs : Muscular.

7. Voice : Loud, strong.

8. Eyes: Sharp, penetrating, blue, green.

1. Emotional tendency : Anger, irritability and jealousy.

2. Mental tendency: Intelligence, discrimination, judgement.

3. Social tendency : Have sense of responsibility, can take decisions,Pratical and can well organise affairs.Good managers.

4. Speech : Specific, realistic, aggressive, laughing.

5. Memory: Grasping good but memory Average, clear.

6. Sleep : Sound, 6-8 hours.

7. Gait: Steady, medium speed.

8. Sex drive : Moderate, dominating, passionate..

9. Economic Behaviour : Spends moderately, usually on luxuries.

10. Appetite:Good.

Don'ts for Pitta Prakriti -

  • Too much exposure to the sun in summer.
  • Wearing too many clothes in the summer e.g., thick suits and ties.
  • Indulgence in too much spicy food.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Insufficient intake of water, particularly in summer.
  • Indulgence in too many arguments.
  • Too few outdoor activities, particularly in green fields and by rivers.
  • Lack of a firm, loving, and secure relationship where there is no room for jealousy or competition.

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