Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Kapha diet plan,Kapha vata pitta,Rights constitution

Prakriti Pariksha in Ayurved,Ayurvedic body types,Kapha diet plan,Kapha vata pitta,Rights constitution

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution)

Ayurvedic Prakriti (constitution) >> Kapha Prakriti

Kapha Prakriti Body Type :

Kapha Prakriti



1. Physique : Medium to Thick, broad, well developed.Weight gain easy.

2. Skin : Smooth, Cool, thick, white, moist. Sweating moderate.

3. Hair : Abundant, thick, oily, wavy, dark.

4. Nails : Strong, Large ,symmetrical.

5. Lips : Thick, large, firm.

6. Arms/Legs : Large, well developed, long.

7. Voice : Pleasant, deep, resonant.

8. Eyes : Large, attractive, charming, brown or blue.

1. Emotional tendency : Relaxed, Calm, stable and considerate.

2. Mental tendency : Logical analysis, taking time before reaching conclusion.

3. Social tendency : Loyal, forgiving and understanding.

4. Speech : Low, slow, rhythmic.

5. Memory : Above average. it takes time to memorize but once happen, it is forever.

6. Sleep : Deep, enjoy long hours of sleep.

7. Sex drive : Strong, good endurance.

8. Economic Behaviour : Saves money, spends on food.

9. Appetite : Moderate.

Don'ts for Kapha Prakriti -

  • Insufficient exercise.
  • Indolent lifestyle.
  • Over indulgence in sweet foods and drinks.
  • Too much sleep, particularly in late morning and afternoon.
  • Overeating , particularly rich food.
  • Over indulgence in cold foods, particularly ice cream, and cold drink.
  • Getting wet in the rain or snow.
  • Wearing damp clothes, or not drying properly after a shower or bath.
  • Too many emotionally charged relationships.
  • Excessive dependence on a loving relationship without sufficient detachment.

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