Home remedies for low weight in infants,natural remedies

Home remedies for low weight in infants,natural remedies


Home remedies For Low weight in Children

Ayurvedic Medicine for Children>>Low weight in Children

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What is low weight in children?

If a baby weighs less than 2.5kg, it may be described as very or extremely, low birth weight. This can happen to babies who are born prematurely. If baby was premature, the situation is different from babies who are small but are born between 37 weeks and 42 weeks (full-term).

Causes of low weight in children

There are many reasons for a baby with a low birth weight. Parents who are shorter and weight less than the average, or who were themselves small at birth, may have smaller children. Some of the other causes are listed below.
  • If baby was born prematurely and didn't have enough time to grow.

  • If the baby has an inherited medical condition.

  • If the mother had high blood pressure during pregnancy, it can also affect the flow of blood through the placenta to the baby.

  • Symptoms of low weight in children

  • Frequent and inexplicable fatigue

  • General malaise and a decline in stamina

  • Lowered resistance

  • How low weight effect the baby?

  • An increased risk of infection.

  • Breathing problems, called respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).

  • Too many red blood cells, which can make her blood too thick (polycythaemia).

  • Difficulty with keeping warm.

  • Home remedies for low weight in children

  • For increasing weight of children give Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) powder boiled in milk.

  • Bananas and Strawberries are helpful to gain weight in children.

  • Adding of Butter and Cheese to daily diet of the kid may increase the weight.

  • Giving Whole milk and Dried fruits to children can also help to gain the weight.


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